Name: Howard Dell

Age: No one really knows!

Birthday: April 14th

College: Mc Master University

Major: Economics

Favorite Color: Light Blue

Favorite Book: Strength To Love. MLK Jr.

Favorite Movie: The Creator

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Quote: “Truth crushed to earth shall

rise again.”

Welcome to my personal website. It’s been an interesting ride through sports and now film and TV. But I have to say I am really enjoying it. I have a wonderful team of people helping to make the dream come true. I am available for personal appearances through my publicist and my management team. There details are on the contact page of this website.

I had five goals as a child in the 4th grade.

  1. 1.Play Professional Football.

  2. 2.Go to the Olympic Games.

  3. 3.Become an Actor and Singer/Musician.

  4. 4.Win and Oscar.

  5. 5.Win a Grammy.

  6. 6.Well , three down and two to go. Wish me luck as I push forward into the unknown.

My favorite songs

  1. 7.You Bring Me Joy

  2. 8.Love Won’t Let Me Wait

  3. 9.Get Here

My favorite links




My favorite movies:

The Creator

Somewhere in Time

The Russia House

Princess Bride